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Welcome to "Titles"!
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We refresh our news each 10 mins.
Welcome to "Titles"! This is the first web where you can find the most important news from many countries. This rating is based on activity in social networks. We are analyzing the activity of users in Facebook, Twitter etc in order to find the most relevant titles at the moment.

- this symbol shows you that you see the newest titles.

The rows and indicate about increasing or losing interest to the title.

The number near each title indicates how many times this article was linked in social network (likes, share, tweets, retweets etc.)

There is a logo of newspaper which published the article in order to simplify for our users to know the source of current article.

You can read Top100 titles of each country or choose to read the newest titles.

Please choose your country and begin to read the actual news. Sometimes to refresh the view, you should press "ctrl+r".

If you want to add your newspaper to our base, please, contact us by email:escolar@titles.ws

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